Innovative advisory services or focused one- to two-day strategy sessions regarding digital marketing and transformation and the positive impact it can have on business relevance and growth. 


Mark's focuses on :

  • Digital Effective Go To Market ("GTM") Strategy

  • Digital Leadership

  • Digital Customer Experience

  • Digital Market Opportunities

  • Strategy around enabling technologies like Blockchain, AI and IoT


Sample engagements or prior work product include:

  • Led a strategy session for  to help a sports ticketing company understand the potential market  for its offering if they committed to a deeper digital business strategy 

  • CMO Advisor  for two technology firms developing GTM for Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity

  • Advised a health care company in the development of digital marketing plan

  • Assisted a technology company with developing its digital transformative services and GTM



Relevant Track can assist in determining the proper technology offerings for their needs and budget.


Areas covered include:

  • Application Security

  • Information Security

  • Network Security

  • AI - Machine Learning, Deeplearning, Genetic Algorithms and more

  • Blockchain use-case strategy and review

  • Utilizing blockchain for immutable protection

Sample experience/engagements include:

  • Authored e-book on enterprise security called: "15 Enterprise Security Myths Exposed"

  • Advisor to Boon Tech (Blockchain &AI); both Token Offering and blockchain advisory

  • Advisor to Hade Technologies (Blockchain &AI); both Token Offering and blockchain advisory

  • Worked with financial services firm to develoP/operationalize security policies to meet compliance needs

  • Presented to CHIME group of 21 Healthcare CIOs regarding service availability, performance and HIPAA

  • Provided cyber security consulting to the board of directors for a software company

  • Advised health care organization as to security software needs and selection


WE conduct due diligence associated with investment prospects around technology, business models, usability, and competitiveness. Our approach is methodical.


Relevant Track uses practical checklists for technology investments to ensure that all the key elements for a strong outcome are present and in proper order. Our checklist for technology and operational due-diligence is comprised of over 75 items to ensure that all aspects are adequately reviewed, scrutinized and checked for strategic alignment with the client’s goals.


After all, the best way to mitigate risk is to prevent it through scrutiny, competitive analysis and best practice reviews.


Sample engagements or prior work product include:

  • Working with a private equity firm to provide technology due diligence on several different technology vendors both inside and outside North America, including attending committee review meetings.

  • Assisted a large global private equity firm perform due diligence for a potential $500+MM investment in the retail space that would potentially rely on technology upgrades to reduce costs and improve competitive position. Uncovered several million of dollars of additional costs hidden in the budget.

  • Advised two companies heading into ICOs regarding blockchain and AI usage. This included conducting  market potential analysis and perform due diligence on the technology and market-making. Both ICOs were successful and the companies are experiencing strong growth

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