Best Way To Stop A Cyber Attack

Best Way To Stop A Cyber Attack

It Sounds So Obvious, But Reality Paints a Different Picture!⠀

The Number one question I get asked each day as a daily practicing cybersecurity professional is: “What can we do to stop these attacks?” or worse: “How fast can we recover from an attack?”⠀

As the post title says, it may sound “Obvious”, but unfortunately the vast majority of organizations out there are not properly prepared and ultimately pay for it. ⠀

Investments in #cybersecurity are truly a journey and not a destination as growing attack surfaces and new and more sophisticated attack vectors make things increasingly difficult. Getting hit is a foregone conclusion…be prepared!⠀

The #1 prevention tip is to hire experienced motivated people or a technology partner with real-world experience in high-tempo environments on the front lines or both. Buying security solutions from a big box website or a pure reseller may seem cost-effective, until you experience that attack and then they can’t help and you suddenly are left with all non-sound options and leadership asking you what’s next?⠀

Having a security partner like #Netsync that knows the threat landscape and actually remediates things like ransomware and breaches only a daily basis is critical when all you chips are in and you are holding a pair of deuces. ⠀

Be prepared!