Cities Are Under Constant Cyber attack

Cities Are Under Constant Cyber attack
Licensed Image Credit: Storyblocks

Our cities are under cyber attack everyday and our civic leaders are facing budget shortfalls due to pandemic. It is a dangerous time for many cities and more needs to be done.

The recent 2021 cyber attack where hackers attempted to poison Oldsmar’s (outside of Tampa, FL) water system has raised red flags for other cities & counties

Cities and Counties have become high value targets for bad actors. In a sad turn, they are not just looking for ransom, but also involved in mischief and cybercrime.

Even with constrained budgets due to pandemic, city leaders have a due-care, fiduciary and civic responsibility to do all they can to prevent, stop and recover from cyberattacks and crimes.

Going forward proper cyber resilience is critical to ensue cities are able to deliver their important services to their citizenship.