Looking for a Keynote Speaker?

Looking for a Keynote Speaker?

Get ready for an outstanding experience for your audience. Mark’s unique mix of audience engagement, take-away cybersecurity strategies have made him one of the most memorable and in-demand cyber speakers out there. His extensive expertise on how cybersecurity impact businesses and society, his cutting edge presentations and table tops, along with engaging storytelling leaves a lasting impact on attendees.

Mark is a top choice of security conferences and leading technology brands for a powerful and captivating keynote speaker. Mark’s storytelling, powerful presentations and high energy drive a high level of audience engagement. This along with the global recognition listed below make him one of the most in-demand technology and cybersecurity speakers.

Mark speaking at CIO Technology Ball

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Mark is a sought-after cybersecurity keynote speaker who did 44 events in 2021 and 53 events in 2022. He has spoken in front of thousands of people around the globe in conferences and events large and small.

Mark provides relevant insight into the world of cybersecurity that gives attendees the awareness and understanding to go back and improve their cybersecurity posture. He can deliver them as part of a tracked speaking engagement, a murder-mystery style table top or in an exetended format as a keynote.

Below is a small sample of Mark's numerous keynote and speaking events:

      and many more...

A few sample keynote topics:

Sample potential speaking tracks for Mark Lynd

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