Protecting Our Children and Their Privacy is Critical

Protecting Our Children and Their Privacy is Critical

Our Child’s Privacy Is At Risk

Cybersecurity is more than stopping malware, ransomware and breaches and impacts so many across the globe including seniors, children and those at risk! I am a seasoned cybersecurity professional and thought leader with three daughters and it scares me.

In a crazy and insecure world where many children have access to the Internet or have their own smartphone that provides them access to applications and other areas of potential privacy vulnerability, it is imperative that we demand transparency and easy to understand disclosure from our app and service providers.

If You Are Not Paying For A Product, Then You Are The Product

We need to remember, if you’re not paying for a product, then you are the product, which is a good example of where a large social app provider gives away the app for free, but they track and/or monitors the person using the app, sometimes even when they’re not using the app. There is a lawsuit against one of the largest social companies in the courts right now where it’s alleged that even when the camera was not being used by the person with the app it was still monitoring, watching and collecting valuable usage and location data that could potentially give them a competitive advantage or financial gain.

There are many examples of this out there, so it is important that you monitor not only your applications but also your children’s. This is truly an example of buyer beware except you’re getting something for free versus buying it and you’re accepting the terms and conditions of that free app or usage which creates privacy vulnerabilities and issues.

Parents Must Be Diligent

The takeaway is that we must be diligent in safeguarding our children’s privacy by demanding transparency from app providers. With so many examples of companies mishandling data, it is incumbent upon us to take action to protect our kids. They are the future and they deserve a chance to grow up in a world where their privacy is respected. So let’s demand better from the companies that handle our data and provide services to us- including the ones aimed at our kids.

Be smart and aware! Nothing commercially is free! 🙌